Resistance to chemotherapy is a common clinical problem in patients with infectious diseases. During treatment of infections the anti-infective cells are often found to be refractory to a variety of drugs that have different structures and functions. This phenomenon has been termed multi-drug resistance (MDR).

The incidence of the multiple antimicrobial resistance of bacteria which cause infections, especially in hospitals and intensive care units, is increasing, and finding micro-organisms resistant to more than 10 different antibiotics is not unusual. Despite advances in antimicrobial therapies and infection strategies, the emergence of MDR is developing into an real emergency situation.

It is estimated that by 2050 more than 10 million people may die annually from MDR infections thereby making MDR infections more deadly than cancer. In particular infections due to MDR, Gram-negative pathogens are responsible for high mortality rates and leave few effective antimicrobial treatment options.

If we are to win the war against superbugs it is crucially important that new antibiotics are developed and brought into clinical practice. 

By introducing an entire new class of small molecule antibiotics with strong clinical potential BKG Pharma is breaking new ground. 

We believe that we are making antibiotics that potentially could change the world.