the BKG pipeline


the BKG pipeline

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key features

key features


New class

  • Entire new class of small molecule antibiotics
  • New mechanism of action independent to present resistance mechanisms of MDR bacteria


High potency

  • Bactericidal against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative MDR bacteria
  • Effective against e.g. ESKAPE pathogens 


Single or combined use

  • Effective as monotherapy
  • Strong synergistic interaction with common antibiotics by reversing microbial resistance at sub-MIC levels



  • Promising safety and tolerability profile with no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL)
  • No CNS effect
  • Excellent PK/PD properties in preclinical tests



  • Easy to manufacture small molecules
  • Stable compounds
  • Low cost of production


 IV/oral switch

  • High bioavailability
  • Suitable for IV/oral switch therapy
  • Multiple potential routes of administration


Excellent Market Potential

  • Addresses significant unmet clinical need
  • Large, growing market for antibiotics against MDR infections
  • Strong platform for future development


Strong IP

  • Comprehensive patent portfolio (2025-2035 ++)
  • Full freedom to operate


Qualifies for GAIN

  • Eligible for priority review and fast track approval
  • Extension of market exclusivity